The Togolese government would be holding a Trade Fair starting on the 25th of November and will run until the 10th of December. The Trade Fair is a perfect opportunity to showcase brands and their products outside of the Nigerian market and attract customers from far-reaching and neighbouring countries.
The Trade Fair attracts hundreds of exhibitors from a wide variety of business sectors spanning across every continent. Benefits of attending the Togolese Trade Fair exhibition include:

• Direct engagement with the various markets in the Togolese region
• An opportunity to showcase your product in real-time to prospectors
• Matchmaking buyers and sellers
• Engaging government organisations, agents and distributors as a means of planning your entry into the Togolese market for your product.

NEXPORTRADE Houses Ltd. would be present at this event. If you are interested in attending this event or promoting your products at the Togolese Trade Fair exhibition, contact us for more information.