Beta Glass Plc

Frigoglass is a strategic partner to the world’s top beverage brands. We are one of the global leaders in the Ice Cold Merchandisers (ICM) market and the principal supplier of glass packaging in the high growth markets of West Africa.

Our bespoke coolers enhance our customers’ beverage branding and facilitate immediate beverage consumption. At the same time, our leading innovations in the field of green refrigeration enable our customers to meet their sustainability and carbon emissions reduction targets.

With its footprint, Frigoglass is well established in the more mature European markets while it is evolving and establishing its position in emerging markets. We support our customers through manufacturing facilities in eight countries and an extensive network of sales and after-sales representatives.

In our glass bottle business, we are focused on the markets in Africa, which are prime regions of investment for our customers. We aim to create value for our customers by building on our position as a leading supplier of glass bottles and complementary packaging solutions in West Africa.

A.G. Leventis Building

Iddo House,

Iddo Street 15, Lagos, Nigeria

  • Container Glass Bottles for Beer
  • Container Glass Bottles for Wine & Spirit
  • Container Glass Bottles for Pharmaceuticals
  • Container Glass Jars for Foods
  • Container Glass Bottles for Soft Drinks
  • Chillers or Coolers or Fridges
  • Crown Corks