Mamuda Industries (Nig) Limited

Mamuda Industries (Nig) Limited a leading multi-industry company in Nigeria comprised of 5 main strategic business units: Pop Cola Beverages, Sacks and Mats, Foods, Tanneries/Leather, and Power plant. This Nigerian multi-industry company is aiming for success and long-term growth. Entities operate in a decentralized and highly specialized environment, meeting the 5 business classes; each is equipped with all necessary resources and technologies, as well as overall corporate support to ensure proper orchestration and alignment with Mamuda’s mission, vision, goals, and objectives. All of this has made Mamuda Group a competent specialist in each of our project domains, and our ever-growing experience has earned us the trust of our clients.

Plot 16, Challawa Industrial Area,

Kano, Nigeria.


  • +234 803 786 9582



  • Finished Leather

Mamuda Industries (Nig) Limited