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All Exporting Nigerian Businesses Are Welcome To Be A Member Of MANEG.

About MANEG Memberships

Businesses in Nigeria that are exporting or are thinking about exporting as a component of their business can become members of MANEG. Several major corporations and SMEs are on our roster of members. Members of MANEG can expect to take full advantage of all of our services, including professional assistance with exports and government regulations.

How To Become A MANEG Member

Corporate Affairs Commission Logo

Corporate Affairs Commission Registration

First things first, ensure that your organisation is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and that you are operating within Nigeria.

Manufacturers Association Of Nigeria

Manuacturers Association Of Nigeria

Obtain a membership with the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN). Visit the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria for registration details.

Apply for a MANEG membership

Apply for A MANEG Membership

  • Pick up an application form at our office at the MAN House in Lagos. Alternatively, you can download it here:
  1. Membership Form – PDF
  2. Membership Form – Word
  • Complete the application form and return it with the annual membership subscription fee.

Looking For A MANEG Member?

Visit the MANEG member directory to see a full list of all current MANEG members.

MANEG Membership Benefits

Unlock discounts on premium training courses and also some free training sessions.

We offer training sessions and seminars

Admission to conferences, banquets, special interest groups, and more.

MANEG can assist businesses with grant applications

Incentives from the government, such as the Export Expansion Grant EEG and the ECOWAS Trade Liberalization Scheme ETLS, available for exporters.

Request consultation services from MANEG

One-on-one consultation services and prompt action for any member difficulties to support your company through any crisis!

We provide valuable industry insight for all MANEG members

Obtain acknowledgement for your efforts from government ministries and agencies and enjoy precise, timely information about the business climate.

Our Corporate Partners



  • Promoting non-oil exports regulations that are advantageous to Nigerian companies.


  • Assistance with exports in the form of logistics support, assistance with documentation, and more.


  • Design and execution of international trade shows to highlight the products that Nigerian companies export.


  • Services for export matters consultation, including: collaborating on international exporting potential and providing business opportunity feasibility studies.


  • Certification of reliable importers from the ECOWAS region, in addition to encouraging successful trade.

Be A Part Of The Growing Nigerian Economy.

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