Warm greetings with the ambassador
MANEG’s chairman led an NHL delegation to Lome, Togo. This exercise is a means to establish NEXPORTRADE Houses Ltd Togo. Major stakeholders in the nation of Togo hosted the delegation. Among the stakeholders were:
• The Togolese Chambers of Commerce and Industry.
• The Nigerian Ambassador to Togo
• The Association of Nigerians in Diaspora.


MANEG Chairman and Mrs Etukowoh
The delegation embarked on a trip to the Assigame market. They were in search of location prospects for establishing the NHL Togo. A market survey among other activities took place at the market.

NEXPORTRADE Houses Ltd is a platform set up by the MAN Export Promotion Group. Its purpose is to boost formal trade volumes between ECOWAS member States. Showrooms within West African countries will aid this trade. Nigeria and the host country share purpose-built sections of each showroom. These sections will house products from both countries for sale.

NHL is an export/import company. Created from a partnership between the federal government and the private sector representative. MANEG represents the private sector and chairs the NHL board of directors. This means that our chairman, Ede Dafinone also serves as the chairman of NHL.