We are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of the Nexportrade Houses Limited showroom in Lome, Togo. The showroom platform aimed at enhancing trade volumes within the ECOWAS region is a part of our goal to promote non-oil exports.

Our primary goal remains non-oil export promotion to strengthen trade frontiers in the subregion. The case is especially true in the case of SMEs that cannot afford to export their products with some form of external support.

Nexportrade Houses Limited will help spread the word of great Made-In-Nigeria products by linking manufacturers and potential buyers – the importers – in a central hub.

At the showroom, exporters from Nigeria can have their products on display in foreign markets, giving potential customers a closer experience with the exporter’s products. Additionally, the showroom provides the opportunity to guarantee authenticity and quality to potential customers before they send in order requests to respective exporters in Nigeria.

Furthermore, serving as a permanent exhibition space for Made-In-Nigeria products, the showroom will help promote investments in business concerned with export potential.

NEXPORTRADE HOUSES Limited is a quasi-NGO specializing in export promotion for manufactured and semi-processed products made in the ECOWAS sub-region.