Sapele Integrated Industries Ltd

Sapele Integrated Industries Lsimited company based in Sapele, Nigeria and are part of a well known family firm of accountants. Sapele Integrated Industries Limited was established in 1997 and has been producing TSR 10 block rubber for export to clients such as Bridgestone, Wurfbain, Corrie-MacColl and etc. We have always known that to produce high quality TSR products that are accepted worldwide, we need quality input materials. This is why we have gone into establishing our own Rubber Estates where we will be able to manage and control the quality of the latex and field coagulum that will be used by our own Factory.

Ceddi Towers, 16 Wharf Road,

Apapa, Lagos.


  • +234 803 303 3885



  • Crumb rubber-Nigerian specified rubber

Sapele Integrated Industries Ltd